Our Story

Amina 2

Mo Harruna & Amina Harruna

One hot summer day in 2014, I was sitting in my living room with my mom (Amina) reminiscing about my childhood in Ghana. As a kid, my friends and I used to wander off once in a while with sticks in hand to knock down fruits from their branches to eat. One of my favorites was a tart tasting fruit in a pod. A couple of decades later sitting in my home in Atlanta, I couldn’t remember the name of the fruit. I quickly jumped on Google to do a search. I learned that the name of the fruit was Baobab and it had been approved by the European Union and the United States FDA for use as an ingredient in food.  Further research uncovered the extraordinary nutrition content of the fruit.  This was my opportunity to bring a little bit of my childhood to communities around the country and provide a source of income for many communities in my native Ghana.

Amina International, a limited liability company formed in Georgia, USA aims to be one of the pioneering companies to bring this amazing fruit from the village communities of Africa to the health conscious communities of the United States and Canada.

Amina means: truthful, trustworthy and honest. Through a sustainable and ethical baobab trade, Amina will provide life altering incomes for locals and funds for village communities while providing a beneficial health product to the consumers of North America.

We source directly from small ethical harvesters in Ghana and package in the US. By providing an outlet/market for these harvesters, Amina International will create jobs; pay fair wages/prices thus providing income for families who otherwise live in abject poverty with minimal economic opportunities.