Social Responsibility

Social responsibility is a key tenet of Amina International’s business practices. Our mi

ssion is to create opportunities for villagers in remote parts of Ghana by opening up markets across North America for their locally and sustainable harvested product.  Once profitable we plan to donate a portion of our proceeds to the Kibasibi Foundation founded by my brother Dr. Issif Harruna to assist with its humanitarian efforts. In addition, we’ll donate a book for every package of baobab purchased.

Over the last 10 years, Kibasibi Foundation has d

onated over $45 million worth of humanitarian supplies to hospitals and schools in Ghana.  A recent donation was the $14 million worth of medicines and medical supplies to the School of Medicine and Health Science of the University for Development Studies (UDS). In 2014 Prof. Harruna donated a 40 feet Mobile Clinic to UDS to provide diabetes and hypertension screening and diagnosis services. In the last two years, The Kibasibi Foundation has facilit

ated several medical outreach programs in the Upper East and Northern Regions of Ghana. Through Kibasibi Foundation, a program was initiated and facilitated in collaboration with the Ghana Ministry of Health, and Rural Women’s Initiative for Development and Empowerment (RuWIDE) a program to vaccinate young females again

st cervical cancer.